Applies only to SafeConsole OnPrem

This problem indicates that the address mentioned in the warning message does not resolve to a valid domain controller.

There are fallback mechanisms within SafeConsole that may counteract this problem and still make it work, so you may want to try to proceed. If authentication to SafeConsole does not work, please configure your DNS to have the address mentioned point to a valid Domain Controller IP Address.

The AD problems are most likely caused by a DNS configuration problem. Please verify the DNS information by testing all the hosts returned by running "nslookup" on the following entries.:

  • DomainDnsZones.[your domain]
  • ForestDnsZones.[your domain]
  • [your domains FQDN] 

For example, using the command prompt (cmd.exe), run the following commands replacing "companyname" with your own company name or domain name:

nslookup DomainDnsZones.companyname.local 


nslookup companyname.local

If there are incorrect records these are often referred to ghost or spurious records.

Make sure to ping all IP addresses returned by "nslookup" to the above entries and make sure that they are all active domain controllers. 

It would also be possible to edit the host file on the SafeConsole server to make sure that it only looks at actual active domain controller.