Applies only to SafeConsole OnPrem.

If you are unable to see or use the 'Install License' button in the license view, it is possible to install the SafeConsole license manually.

The 'Install License' button should of course be visible if you are logged in as a SafeConsole Administrator and are using a modern browser such as Chrome, this is the preferred method to install your license.

If you are still unable to reach the button you may install the license without using the SafeConsole web interface by following these steps:
  1. Stop the SafeConsole service.
  2. Rename your downloaded license file to license.key.
  3. Place the license.key in (example) C:\Program Files (x86)\BlockMaster\SafeConsole\license.
  4. Start the SafeConsole service.
  5. Log in as an administrator to the SafeConsole to confirm that the license is installed.