Applies only to SafeConsole OnPrem.


If I try to open the console via a web browser the page times out. I have tried from the server itself and from a remote client. The SafeConsole service is running and I have restarted the server. 

Audit is activated and the database is large, likely above 500 active users.



  1. Install the latest SafeConsole
  2. Follow the instructions in the manual, always perform a full backup before making changes.
  3. Start SafeConsole.
  4. Examine the latest catalina log file found in the server root/logs and be mindful of any SQLException Unique constraint violation for line: xxxxx
  5. Stop the SafeConsole service.
  6. Open consoledb.script using a powerful text editor (such as notepad++ or similar)
  7. Go to the line xxxxx mentioned in the log and remove this entire line
  8. Save the consoledb.script file.
  9. Start the SafeConsole service
  10. You can now log in to SafeConsole.