If a device password has been forgotten there are three options available:

  1. Try to remember the password, the hint that is displayed when an incorrect password is entered maybe will help you. You have 20 attempts or less before the device initializes a factory reset so it is best to conserve your attempts.Think back to the day you created the password and walk yourself through the process. What was I thinking about when I created the password?

  2. Contact your system administrator and ask them to reset the device password using SafeConsole. This requires that your device was managed prior to the password being forgotten.

  3. Factory reset the device from the Actions menu. Please note that this will erase all your files on the device, but you will be able to set a new password and use the device again.

Note that SafeConsole has no further way of assisting you as there are no back-doors or master passwords in the device design. This is a security design decision that is of great importance for our users. For future use of your device we recommend that you highlight to your administrators that SafeConsole can assist with forgotten passwords in a quick and easy way.