Applies only to SafeConsole OnPrem

The problem manifests itself in SafeConsole 4.2 or earlier as a user name and password prompt that pops up again after a correct user name and password has been supplied.

The reason you get prompted repeatedly is because SafeConsole can't authenticate your user against AD.

This is quite likely because of a change in your AD structure.

Possible causes are:

  1. The password for the SafeConsole account changed; you can check this by opening the SafeConsole configurator and setting the password in the 'no privileged account' on the first page and then click next.

  2. The user was removed from AD policy; please check that the user is still a member of the SafeConsole admins group.

  3. A domain controller (DC) was taken down and is no longer accessible although the DNS still keeps a record of the DC; Please run the configurator in SafeConsole 4.2 or later and check that you don't get an error message.

If you fail to find the cause it sometimes helps upgrading SafeConsole.

Please always take a full backup of the whole SafeConsole install folder before upgrading.

If it still doesn't work, please retrieve the latest Catalina.log files available in the /logs folder in the install directory and send them to us in new support request ticket.