This means that the drive cannot locate a SafeConsole server to connect to, either because there is no SafeConsole present or that the deployment configuration is wrong.

If you don't have SafeConsole:

Go to and register for a free trial to get the installation package.

If you do have SafeConsole installed in your network:

  1. Verify that the SafeConsole URL key has been deployed according to the deployment page by navigating to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/BlockMaster/DTVPM using regedit, again on the affected user account. Please note that you must not run regedit as any other user than the one where you can't register to the console.

  2. Verify that you can reach SafeConsole from the machine. Copy the URL from the registry key and paste it in Internet Explorer. You should receive a 404 http error. If you can't connect to the server at all, please check your firewalls and proxies. 

  3. Go to your SafeConsole in Internet Explorer by replacing /safestick in the URL with /safeconsole . Please note that you must use Internet Explorer or Chrome. Do you get a certificate warning? If so, the certificate isn't installed in the correct store.

If these tests fail, please go to the deployment page (available on https://YOUR-SAFECONSOLE-MACHINE/safeconsole/deployment.html) and follow the instructions.

If the tests pass, please raise a support ticket and provide the log file from the login application.The log can be generated by either pressing Ctrl + Alt + F6 when the initializing screen is displayed or by starting the login application using Start > Run with the command "X:\dtvpm_launcher.exe --log" or "X:\dt4000m_launcher.exe --log"where X: is the login CD drive.